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Designated Areas

My gym has recently posted signs outside the locker rooms stating "Cell phone use prohibited except in designated areas." I am sure the intent is to prevent unscrupulous people from taking pictures of scantily clad sweaty women with bedraggled post work out hair and posting them on the internet. Which considering how I look after 30 minutes on the treadmill I am all for.

Last night, there was a woman talking on her cell phone in the locker room. She was in one of the toilet stalls. She was changing into her work out clothes, which is difficult to do in a toilet stall even if you aren't talking on your cell phone at the same time. There was a wide assortment of clothing strewn on the floor at her feet. (The public restroom floor. And she was putting some of these clothes on. And ew.) Anyway, this woman was a realtor and as she was also a loud talker I can tell you that she first had a conversation with someone whose house she is selling. She then called the realtor for the people who are buying that same house. All of this from the bathroom stall, directly next to other bathroom stalls where other gym ladies were doing the things that one typically does in the bathroom. Which activities I am confident could be clearly heard on the other end of the realtor's cell phone. So, two things:

1. If I had a realtor who called me to discuss the sale of my house and I could clearly hear other people peeing during the conversation, I would SO fire her.

2. I am pretty sure that is NOT what they meant by designated areas.