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Even Steven

A couple of weeks ago, a man at my gym spoke to me. This is fairly unusual since for reasons of my I generally try to discourage strange people from coming up and talking to me. This man made a comment that he liked my shirt. The shirt I was wearing at the time sported an erstwhile tagline from the company I work for - something about age being more important than attitude. The man who commented on my shirt is a number of years older than I am so I assumed at the time that the sentiment struck home with him. We chatted for a minute about the shirt and the company and whether or not I am still employed there and I went on my merry way.

Since then, I have had the distinct impression that this man was following me. We are always at the gym at the same time, and he would frequently try to catch my eye or move to a machine next to the one I was using. He never spoke to me, but as I mentioned I work hard to avoid that type of thing. It was sorta really a lot starting to creep me out though.

Tonight I went over to the stretching contraption and he immediately came over and sat down on the upper abdominal torture device. I, as usual, avoided any type of social contact. Except tonight, he broke with tradition and said "Hi, I'm Steven." To which I replied, "Hi Steven, I'm Beth." And we talked for a minute about nothing in particular and went our separate ways.

And now, thinking about it, I wish that I had Steven's courage. The idea of going up and introducing myself to someone who clearly does not want to talk to me makes me sick to my stomach. I realize that not everyone has my hang-ups, but I still admire the people who do that sort of thing. It requires more simple bravery than many people possess.

It was very nice to meet you, Steven.