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Every morning on my way to work I drive a windy road through some fairly thick woods - this is out of place with the normal suburban sprawl around here. This morning, I saw the car ahead of me swerve and noticed they were swerving to avoid a fox running across the road. She made it. Then I saw that back where she had started there was another fox - a cub. The cub was terrified to be separated from her mother, but also too scared of the cars to make the dash across the road. So I did what, to my mind, any decent person would do. I stopped my car, flagged down the traffic going to other way, and shooed the little fox across the road to its mother.

I would like to thank my fellow motorists for not running me over, as that would really have ruined my day. I would also like to thank the nice man in the expensive shoes who helped me run through the mud to get the fox moving in the right direction. And for those of you who were so upset about the 2 minute delay in your morning commute that you nearly had seizures and broke the horns of your hummers - I hope that someday someone will do you a small kindness that makes a difference in your life which will allow you to pull your head out of your ass and see that the world is not all about you. I know that little fox doesn't matter to you, but it matters to me, and for what it is worth I made a difference to that fox this morning.

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You are an Exceptionally Good Person for helping that little fox. Seriously.

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