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Friday's ditz moment

So this is a few days old, but I was too angry to write about it last week. Last Friday I decided to do something daring and unusual and not only take a lunch break, but actually LEAVE THE BUILDING to do it. Now, where I work, the parking garages are cleverly situated as far as possible from the office buildings. I think it is a public service campaign to insure that all employees get at least 20 minutes of exercise a day walking to and from their cars. On Friday, it was also very cold and rainy and decidedly un-spring-like. So I left the building and headed out to my car, which involved a long walk through the Rain Tunnel. The Rain Tunnel is supposed to be a covered walkway from the office to the garage. However, the roof is very narrow, 20 feet above the ground, and was apparently designed by an architect who was unfamiliar with the concept of wind. The result being that if there is so much as a sprinkle you are going to get rained on between the garage and the building. On Friday there was enough rain and wind that I was fairly well drenched by the time I got to my car. This was the point at which I realized that I had left my car keys sitting on my desk. So it was back through the Rain Tunnel, back to the desk, and then all the way back to the garage once again, leaving me wet, cold and grumpy.

I went off to do whatever I did, and returned to work. My office is more secure than most airports, so you have to swipe your security badge to get into the parking lot. Which requires hanging out the window of your car. Which I did, getting wetter and grumpier by the minute. I parked my car and walked back through the storm to the building.

You know what's coming, right?

The security badge I needed to get into the building was on the passenger seat of my car, where I had left it after badging into the parking lot.

This can happen to anyone, but I think it takes special talent to do it twice in an hour.

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That is *so* a thing I would do. Trust me.

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