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I am rubber you are glue

Well, well, well. I got my first nasty comment last night and it upset me. My first reaction was to delete the comment, which I did. My second reaction was to take this site down. Instead, I decided to repost the comment:

"It's little wonder no one comments on your diary. You're a snobby cunt. Indeed, the window washers were probably peering through the windows wondering why they saw a dumpy, pallid-faced wench instead of an effervescent, well-endowed blonde. You exemplify disillusionment."

Um - do I know you? Wait. are you my ex-boyfriend? Still angry about the whole Paris thing? No, I suppose not. The funny thing is that now I can't figure out why I was so upset when I first saw this. Maybe no one comments on my site because they all agree with you and are just too nice to say it. But I think it has more to do with the fact that no one reads my site, which doesn't really bother me. And I openly admit that I am a snob. The rest of it is just comical. (Although I do like the "pallid-faced wench" bit, makes me think I should be serving ale in some medieval pub.)

So thank you, my anonymous friend, for toughening my skin a bit. To return the favor I'd like to make a recommendation: maybe you could find another hobby?

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There are a lot of lonly losers out in cyberspace. By creating a blog you are bound to have one of them drop by and leave some of their sad cargo. You are wise to not let it bother you. It might have been no one you know, like me.

I think that was really rotten and I thought that your post about window washers was very funny. But think of it, anonymous mean posts must mean you have a HUGE readership. Also, there is nothing wrong with snobbiness, as I am fond of saying, our parents paid good money for these pretensions and I don't see why we shouldn't use them. Have a nice weekend.

It was probably a comment left by a window washer who is bitter that he's not young, hot or buff.

Anonymous comments-box trolls are pathetic. Hell, even trolls who sign their names are pathetic. I'd at least like to think that random assholes would have the plums to be random assholes to people in person, instead of being all passive-aggressive about it.

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