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lesson learned

This weekend, I read one of those pregnancy books. Not that what to expect one, one that was a little more snarky just because snarky and I go so well together.

No, I am not pregnant. But I am planning to be at some point in my life (and at this point it my life that is probably closer to sooner than later) and I always like to be prepared. Also, I was sick this weekend and had very little brain power to spare from lying on the couch whining for my husband to bring me crackers and this book was on about a fifth grade reading level. Right up my street. I learned a few interesting things from this book and one very important lesson.

You should never read a pregnancy book before you are pregnant.

If you are already pregnant, go ahead, read all the books you want. You need to know what to expect and the deed is already done. If you are not pregnant, reading a pregnancy book just makes you wonder why in the hell anyone ever goes through that. Voluntarily. Ever.

I think I will get a puppy instead.