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My husband sent me the beautifulest bunch of purple and pink tulips today. This is excellent on a number of levels.

1. Tulips are my absolute-a-number-one favorite flowers. I like them so much that I talked the hubby into planting 150 of them in our garden. Our garden consist entirely of red clay, which is pretty heavy even when it has not been raining for 2 straight weeks, which it had.

2. Tulips beat out daffodils as my favorite flower only because tulips come in purple and daffodils do not. Purple is my absolute-a-number-one favorite color. I like it so much that I talked the hubby into painting our bedroom a shade of lavender favored only by me and 10 year old girls.

3. He sent the flowers to work, which means that when I need to take a break from saving the world from badly written and grammatically incorrect sales process documents, I can gaze happily at my tulips. Also, all the other girls in the office get jealous because I have a genius rock star husband and they do not.

4. They came with a Snoopy balloon, which I can use to beat sales reps about the head until they are (even more) senseless.

5. They smell so yummy I could eat them with a spoon.

Thanks honey. :)

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The other good thing about flowers at work? Is that your cats do not eat them and then throw up all over the place.

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