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What are your intentions toward my grandfather?

Today, I met my 87-year old grandfather's new girlfriend.

My grandmother passed away last spring after a long life and a long love affair with my Papa. Papa was devastated - became deeply depressed, sought counseling and ended up on Prozac. At the time, he felt he would never live life again and we were all concerned he would follow my grandmother far too quickly.

Now he is living in a "senior apartment" and having a wonderful time with the new girlfriend. So wonderful in fact, that they are going on a 2 week tour of Europe next month. Papa's new lady is lovely, I really liked her. I firmly believe she has a lot to do with my Papa taking his life back and enjoying himself again.

But it kinda ooged me out to see Papa with a new woman.

And I wore my grandmother's sapphire ring because I am a loyal loyal girl.