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Hot dog wishes and soda pop dreams

I generally don't remember my dreams, but this week I have remembered several. I am now starting to think that I don't remember my dreams because they are too boring to bother with. Here's some of the highlights from the last week:

- I am brushing my teeth and my electric toothbrush is running out of power. It needs to be recharged. So, I plug it in.

- I am looking at a calendar with my officemate discussing when we are each taking vacations.

- I am trying to get into my house but the door is locked. Fortunately, I have my keys.

So, what's the psycho-babble analysis for really dull dreams?

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I would definitely go with your theory that your dreams are too boring to remember. Maybe you need a less exciting life, to encourage your night-time imagination to lift its game a little. Take up bingo, or quilting, or politics.

Here's a scary thought:
what if your previous dreams, the ones you can't remember, are even LESS memorable than these ones?

omigod. these ones are your dream-imaginations biggest bestest brightest efforts to date! these are the HIGHLIGHTS!!

definitely, definitely, dull that life down there girl, bore it up-- you gotta get that imagination PUMPING, it's letting you down.

i'm trying to think of a really witty funny droll pun to tie this all together, but ... you know.... my imagination's not working right now

ARGH! it's catching!

ARGH! oh hey, really imaginative continuation there sal

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