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Type this address into your internet

So, I am on a training call this afternoon which has a netconference portion. About 30 minutes into the training, it became evident that one of the trainees was not on the netconference. The conversation went like this:

Trainer: Are you on the internet?
Clueless Trainee: Well, I've got the internet up.
Trainer: But are you on the internet part of the call?
Clueless Trainee: I have the training guide printed out.
Trainer: Ok, type this address into your internet.
Clueless Trainee: How do I do that? Is it in my favorites?

Now ladies, considering that we all work for the same behemoth ISP, don't you think you ought to take the trouble to learn a little bit of the lingo? (Quick, pop quiz. Define ISP!) Otherwise all of the cool IP kids around here have no choice but to mock you and maybe go get a few beers and then t.p. your house.

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t.p? Is that some sort of code? heh.

I hate when I have to call my ISP, and THEY are the ones that sound like retards. How much could it possibly cost these people to get training for apple OS's.

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