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We finally replaced a 12 year old office chair today. The old one was so rickety that most of the time when you sat down in it the seat dropped eight inches and you spilled your coffee/juice/wine/vodka into the keyboard. The new chair was on sale ($40 off, god I love sales) and smells wonderfully of leather. But the old one was personally reupholstered by yours truly (and in the area of way t.m.i. the site of more than one shin-dig with the hubby) so I am sorry to see it go. I am hoping that someone will see it on the corner waiting for the garbage dudes and adopt it as their own.

Tomorrow I hope to replace the 11 year old dishwasher, to which I have no personal attachment.

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I adopted a REALLY ugly, REALLY old orange office chair a few months back, now I have to wonder how many shin-digs might have been hosted on it over the years...
*runs for lysol*

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