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Call me Donna

I've mentioned before that I am jonesing for a baby. This has had a rather strange impact on my behavior. Somehow, I have decided that there are certain things that I need to be able to do if I am going to be somebody's mother. First, I took up knitting. I'm not sure why I think that knitting is critical to being maternal as neither my mother or grandmother have ever knit a thing. My latest effort is learning to make pancakes. No, pancakes are not very hard to make, but it was not something I had never done. One thing my mother did do was make big family breakfasts on the weekends and I would like to do the same. So last Sunday I made pancakes for my husband and announced that it was a new tradition. At least until I got bored anyway. Yesterday we had brunch with my parents and didn't want to have a big breakfast beforehand, so instead of pancakes for breakfast we had pancakes for dinner. Hey, I need the practice.

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Breakfast for dinner always sounds good to me, especially pancakes or waffles.

Best of luck in furthering your maternal education. :D

Hmmm...I have to say that you can be an excellent mother, even without knitting or pancake making abilities. At least I hope so. But follow your heart. :)

holy crud...when did there start being perreqs to motherhood?.....hahaaaa ...I don't know how to do either of those things...looks like i'm never going a momma

I love breakfast for dinner - YUMMM.


I understand the Jonesing for a baby... :)

It might be just me, but the fact that you know its "never knit a thing" and not "never knitted a thing" makes you mom material!

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