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Dear Coworker, Part II

Dear Coworker,

Earlier today, you sent me a request which was missing two pieces of information. I replied with an email clearly indicating which two pieces of information you had neglected to provide, and requesting that you provide the missing data so I could complete your request.

Would you please explain to me why you replied to my email with an answer to only one of my questions? While you are at it, would you please explain why this happens all the damn time? Are people really incapable of reading two sentences, retaining the substance of each sentence, and then responding to two separate but related questions in a single email? Perhaps you could address each question individually? For example, you could type your response to the first question, and then review my email again to refresh your memory regarding the second point I asked you to address.

I am just trying to be helpful here and spare you the pain and embarassment of being known far and wide as a doofus.

Warmest Regards,