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Happy RIF Day

Where I work, a lot of people are losing their jobs today. It's the economy, stupid, and all that. I can't quite decide whether I want them to show up with boxes for me or not. It would be nice to have the summer off....

And now I know what I would do!

i'm in gryffindor!

be sorted @

So here's what I'm thinking about if I get fired today.

I brought my lunch. Should I stick around and eat it while I clean out my desk? Take it with me when I leave? Leave it to rot in the fridge as a memory of me? Take it to the bar and share it with everyone else who got fired while we get bombed?

I have an extra power cord for my laptop at home. Will I have to return it? If I don't return it, will they send the sheriff to get it? Will he be cute?

Should I send my boss the only copy of the critically important spreadsheet that is on my laptop and nowhere else? Or just delete it?

Should I turn in the project I am working on today before I go? And if so, should I change all the data first?

How am I going to get my mini Zen rock garden home without spilling all the sand? Especially once I am bombed when it will be much harder to hold the thing level.