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I give up

I started off writing about the deep personal problems I have with pants.

Then I tried writing about the argument I had with my husband last night about how I am supposed to psychically know what he wants and volunteer to do it to spare him from having to actually express what he wants himself.

Then I was going to write about my trip to see Larry Rotter and the Whoosie-Whatsis.

But everything was lousy. I am trying all of these topics because I don't want to write about my job. But I am very focused on how crappy my job is at the moment so it is hard to write about anything else. I have decided to take a lunch break and hope that when I get back the job will less suckalicious or at least something amusing will happen to me while I'm out.

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Eeeek! Job suckaliciousness can be all-consuming. Though I do think deep personal pants problems would be a good distraction. The men expecting women to be psychic thing is pretty standard fare by now. ;)

While I'm happy to read about the sucky-ness of the job, deep, personal problems with pants stories is what I truly crave!

Hi, found you through Mir. Sorry your job is sucking, but if you want to vent, we'll listen. :)

Regarding the coworkers in the earlier posts, are there two different asshats (first time I've ever used that word but I've seen it on other blogs and I think I like it) or is it the same stupid one?

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