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Intruder Alert!

My house makes a lot of noises, and sometimes when I am home alone I get a little carried away and become convinced that the noises mean someone is in the house. This morning, I started paying too much attention to the house sounds, and then I noticed that my cat was looking at something under the bed. (Under the bed! Oh no! There someone under my bed!) So I did what any independent woman would do - I grabbed my hairdryer and prepared to fight for my life. Turns out there was nobody under the bed. Or in the closet. Or under the desk, behind the door, in the kitchen, living room, basement, or bathroom. In fact, the only thing I did see was a couple of neighborhood kids laughing at the crazy lady running around her house half naked brandishing a hair dryer.

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Yup...I know exactly what you are talking about ...before D and I moved in together I lived by myself for 4 problems...Now if he is gone at night I get all creeped out and he comes home to find me asleep holding on to my little pepper spray thingie for dear life...weird how that is

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