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Smells like teen spirit

First, apparently I have Nirvana on the brain today. Must be the side effect of the early morning Lithium.

Anyway, I am going to a concert tonight with three performers that my mother has never heard of. It made me flash back to my rebellious teenage years when the absolute best way to convince me that something was cool was to tell me that my mother had never heard of it. It also made me wonder what my (theoretical) kids will listen to when they want to rebel against me. I'm betting on country.

Here's the show.

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jelious...oh so very jelious

Oh wow. Ben Folds in one of my favs! (Not digging him as much on his own as I did when he was in Ben Folds Five, but still in top 3 bands.)
I've seen BFF probably 8 or 10 times and they have been amazing every time. Let me know how it was!!

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