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The new man in my life

I have to confess, I have a new man in my life. I think I am madly in love with this guy, and I don't even know his first name. You may have heard of him actually, it's Mr. Clean.

My house was previously the home of two of the great crayon artists of the 20th century. We have crayon on the walls, the doors, even the cabinets. So a few days ago I gave in to the advertising and bought this. And the silly thing actually works. No more crayon, no more scuff marks, no more fingerprints. I'm going to buy 10 more and do the whole house. Unless of course my new boyfriend Mr. Clean can come through with some free samples.

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I would totally perform unnatural acts to obtain those things. Crayon on the walls, UPG (unidentified permanent grime) on raincoats and boots, grass stains on sneakers, scuff marks on the floor... you name it, that man makes it look easy! He's my hero.

Too bad he doesn't vaccuum and dust too!

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