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Two Questions

1) Why does the recorded customer service lady tell me to enter my account number one number at a time? Is there another way to do it that I'm missing?

2) Who thinks that grown-up adult people who are not professional athletes or professional frat boys need to participate in a high-five line at work? However, wouldn't that be a cool replacement for the receiving line at a wedding?

Comments (2)

1) If there weren't people doing it wrong, they wouldn't include the instructions. Good God.

2) I like the high 5 wedding receiving libe idea. Kind of like, "Yes! I got her to marry me." Good job, dude.

1)never underestamate the power of human beings to screw somthing up
2)sure would be a lot more entertaining to the people actually on the recieving line...proabably a lot faster also

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