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Two strange things I saw today

1) A sign behind a charity thrift shop reading "Donations after 3:00 will hurt the homeless." I can't quite figure out how that works, unless the homeless sleep behind the thrift shop where people leave donations and are maybe getting squished under bags of donated clothes.

2) A Buddhist monk in unlaced combat boots loading plywood into the back of a pick-up truck. The plywood was in the middle of the road and I couldn't quite tell whether it was the monk's plywood or whether he was doing a good deed by moving it out of the road and scoring some plywood to boot.

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I was just thinking about how many things we see each day - and many times we don't even notice the odd things... like the bicycle I saw sticking out of the trunk of a police car.



Maybe it was the monk from this monastery - third picture down. See the combat boots?

Now it all makes sense...

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