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What technology has done for me

The main thing that technology has done for me is, it has enabled me to be a jerk to anyone at any time.

See, the thing about email and im and text messaging is that there is so little context. You never know how the person on the other end is going to take what you say. Of course, you never know how the other person is going to take what you in actual conversation eiither, but your odds are better. You can indicate sacasm or humor by your tone or voice or expression. I am having a hard time learning that you can't just email someone exactly what you would say to them in person, because without the audible or visual cues of conversation they are a lot more likely to miss what you are trying to say.

I have learned the hard way that I cannot say anything more complicated than "good morning" to my husband over email or im. We have had far too many arguments over things that were misinterpreteted in text that would have been nothing in live conversation. This is the person I have spent the majority of my time with for the last 11 years and we still can't avoid misunderstandings.

Anyway, I had this problem earlier today. I was trying to be funny but wound up being a jerk. I am planning to hold a big finger L up to my forehead for the rest of the night as penance.

Anyone have any advice on how to avoid being an accidental asshat?