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- It's freeeeezing in my office and the fleece I am wearing to stop the shivering does not go with my cute skirt.

- The only thing worse than getting up at 5 to go to the gym is having to clean the litter box and take out the trash before you go.

- I am totally out of office chap stick. I still have nightstand chap stick, kitchen chap stick, car chap stick, black purse chap stick and brown purse chap stick, but the lack of office chap stick is really throwing off my chap stick schedule.

- I am so embarrassed but this spoiled yuppie complaint that I almost left it off, but I am all about full-disclosure. I have to call my cleaning lady and complain that she has not been doing a good enough job because two out of three of my bathtubs are covered in dust. The third bathtub is fine. We have never once used any of our three bathtubs.

- As long as I am already being a spoiled yuppie, the walk-in closet in my bedroom is not big enough to hold all of my clothes and shoes and the overflow closet in the room we use for nothing other than holding clothes and books is also full.

- And finally, my shower caddy frequently collapses under the weight of my sizable collection of only-available-from-a-salon and stupidly expensive shampoos and conditioners so I have to store some of them under the sink when they are taking a break from the rotation.

- Yes I know; that little tiny violin is playing just for me.

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*gasp* Oh, the horror!!
especially on the chap stick crisis! :(

No office chapstick? But how will you keep your lips soft and kissable! (Also, I'm the same way with lotion. MUST have lotion!)

Also also, what's up with you cleaning out the litter box? I thought you had a Plan to avoid it. And, word. One should never have to deal with a litter box at 5 a.m.

I rigged a hair scrunchy around my shower head to hold up my shower caddy. Just thought you might like to know that. heh.

Take care with that litterbox thing in case I am picking up the secret code.

From one addict to another:


I have lip balm, not chapstick, in so many places. I ran out of the one in my purse the other day and had to pull into a mini-mart for fear of a meltdown. And as for the closet space, walk-in closet? I'm jealous!

First time saying hello! I can so relate to the chapstick crisis. I have them stashed all over the place and basically have a panic attack if I can't find one when I feel the need to re-coat. Hang in may have one stashed close by and you just forgot about it. :o)

I'm with you (and everyone else) on the stashing of chappy, but how do you leave some in your car and not have it melt? I have had some minor disasters in this area.

*offers her second tube of office chapstick* you can I have it...I have more than enough

Um. Do not get the chap-stick thang. Totally get the lotion one, though.

I think the tiny violin is playing over at my house too. My husband asked me what I want for my birthday (next month) and I'm having trouble thinking of something that I want--mainly because I buy myself what I want, hee hee.

I totally get your chapstick dilemma. I have a bowl full of lip balm at home in assorted flavors, and I know I won't use them up anytime soon. I'm addicted to lip balm AND lotion! Just like shoes, you can never have enough!!

*sniff sniff* The horror! ;-)

My stashes are also lotion. My husband and I has been dating roughly 12 hours before I had some stashed in his glovebox. :-)

It's so nice to know there's someone else in the world who keeps a tube of lip balm in every possible location (though mine is Blistix). I've got a tube by my bed, in the bathroom, by my computer in the den, in my purse, in my backpack, and at work. I'd keep some in my car, but it gets too hot during the day and the stuff melts.

Who knew that there were so many out there who are obsessed with having chapstick everywhere. I thought I was just nuts. But yes - I understand the pain and agony of not having a vial of lip balm within arm's distance at all times.

chappy = happy

i would loan you part of my own closet, except that it's also full. and my bathtub is dirty. wow. i have a lot of the same crisis issues as you...thanks for bringing it to my attention. =P

If I don't buy some Carmex before the end of this weekend, my lips might rebel and walk off my face completely. They are SO BAD. Seriously. The LUSH lip balm is for shit.

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