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Dressing and Dinner

Do you ever pick out an outfit in the morning that seems just great when you put it on, but as soon as you get to work realize that it was a horrible, horrible choice? And doesn't even really match? Yeah, me too. Not that I did it today or anything. Really.

The hubby has a work thing tonight, so I'm on my own for dinner. Now this is my idea of dinner.

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I have no idea what you mean, for I am always impeccably dressed and accessoried.


I was kind of excited about our planned dinner: lasagna, seasoned zucchini squash and fruit salad. Being at your house seems like it might be better though. You want company?

I wish I had a day where I didn't feel that way about my clothes

I'm lucky to even get dressed! I rarely have time between working at home AND built in full time mother. My PJ's match though, so that's something! Right? Yeah, I think so too!

Um. I want to have dinner with you at your house. Dinner party? Girls night out? I like your ideas for sustenance, as they closely resemble my own.

I showed up at work once with two different shoes on! The closet was dark, I was running late, I grabbed two shoes. I was so embarrassed!


Can I come for dinner?

I know exactly how you feel about the clothes. That goes with crazy hair days too. You could look totally fine even bordering on cute at home and by the time lunch rolls around your hair looks like a rebellion took place and you're on the losing side. It's unreal.

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