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Employee of the Year

So as I mentioned, I recently received an award from my company for spending all day at work reading blogs. I was touched and moved. Since then, there have been two developments.

1) I have gone from having nothing to do all the live long day other than read blogs and do the Washington Post crossword puzzle, to having no less than three impossible deadlines to meet every single day. Now normally, I am all about impossible deadlines, I eat impossible deadlines for breakfast. These impossible deadlines, however, involve staring at a bunch of data in spreadsheets and doing something or other to it. Sometimes I actually get around to doing something or other, but most of the time I just send an email saying "I have reviewed the HEOUFJNS report and have no disputes at this time." This works really well, and will continue to work really well right up to the day I am fired for incompetence.

2) I received the aforementioned plaque for the aforementioned reward. It is a picture frame. Inside the picture frame is a certificate that says (Company Name) applauds (blank) for (blank). In these blanks, someone has taken the time to print my name in the "applauds" blank and the date in the "for" blank. My name? Is misspelled.

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i once had a poem published in an anthology of poetry. i was so excited until i received my own copy and realized they, too, spelled my name wrong. i was crushed.

but of course if i were to get into trouble with the law they would have no problem spelling my name correctly in the newspaper, you know? =P

Well, Bthe, as you know that is a true sign of May 12, 2002.

(as you see, I have conquered the problem of being intimidated by your witty commenters by trying to be teh FIRST or SECOND (damn you tiffanie)to comment)



*golf clap*

You know, when you work for someone, how hard is it to look in your personell file and make sure they know how to spell your name?

They misspelled your name? Bitches.

Also, that is SO not a plaque. That is a framed piece of paper. You deserve something heavy and wooden with a pretty shiny engraved nameplate that says "Beth is awesome." Plus, it'll be a lot heavier should you choose to throw it at someone.

Congratulations, Bath! ;)

Was it the "phantom "ng"" again?

That is shady beyond shady. I get calligraphy jobs like this and I always tell my clients to double check their spelling. Inevitably, they come back with changes that need to be made. Because they are retarded and the employee is pissed.

Also, if its a picture frame, can't you just cover that up?

And, Congratulations!! (Whoops.)

Please tell me that it was the LAST name they spelled wrong, right? They couldn't have been retard-O enough to spell Beth wrong! Right...?

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