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Fun things to do when you are sick

Keep your husband awake all night. If you can't sleep, why should he?

Take 30 minutes longer than usual to get ready in the morning and have no idea where the time went.

Give up on your hair halfway through. The rat's nest look is in.

Drool a big stripe of toothpaste down the front of your shirt. Don't bother to change.

Stand at the front door ready to leave for work, but with the sneaking suspicion that you've forgotten something. Ponder for a few minutes. Finally give up and step outside. Decide to go back in and maybe find some shoes.

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Feel better soon!

You're actually sick? Oh no! Go home! Get some rest! Get better!

Could be worse. ONe time I actually went to work with two different shoes on.
In my defense they were the exact same shoe just different colours

shoes are highly overrated anyway..especally when you are sick

Slippers. Those are the shoes for sick days.

I love the first one :) Get better REAL soon.

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