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People, this may be the very definition of geek. Right now, this very minute as I type this, my husband and I are sitting side by side on the couch with our laptops using our fancy-dancy new wireless network to IM each other.

Things on his side of the couch are going pretty well. The weather on my side is a little chilly.

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Yeah, that is geeky. But no less or more geeky than using your cell phone to call his cell phone in a 2 bedroom condo. It's nice to know that there are geeky people just like us.

Ken and I totally do the same thing. We both have wireless, and we both have laptops and desktops. It's not unheard of for us to IM back and forth from them while in the same apartment.

Sometimes we're in different rooms, though, when we do it.

boy do i feel left out....with my rinky dink dial up connection at home and actually having to talk to my boy and all...damn

the truely funny thing is ya'll both just blogged about being geeks....bwhaaaaaaa...I assume at about the same time....heheeee

OMG!! You two are going to make the baby jeezus cry!

That's WAY too geeky, kids! Now lean over and give each a kiss, dammit!

I thought we were the only ones who IMed from the office to the living room. If you start using the webcam, I'll really worry.

you two crack me up =P funny thing is boyfriend and i have done the same exact thing. we always end up looking over and each other and busting out laughing. good times =P

Hey! Online dating.

Please, please...don't cyber.

Too funny...but even funnier is that I never knew that he was your husband! I've checked out his blog from time to time (and like him). It's a trip to match up husband and wife bloggers sometimes. What a cool couple. ;)

Ah, modern romance at its finest!

i think that's technology abuse or something.

Married geekdom at it's best. My husband and I are so geeky that one cannot get a new piece of tech without the other one. This gets expensive quick. ; )

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