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Girlie Girl

I'm wearing a skirt today for the third time this week, which is probably the first time I have worn three skirts in the same week since I was six years old. I feel so girlie.

The problem is that while I felt just fine about my legs when I left the house this morning, I have since come down with a serious case of fat-calf-itis.

Sometimes I hate being a girl.

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I always end up coming down with a case of "damn, I really should have shaved my legs before I left the house"-itis.

Or, "Does-My-Ass-Look-Fatitis".

My paranoia usually revolves around my knees...I always think my knees look fat.

Krush, mine's all about the bony knee paranoia...they just stick out so FAR. Well, that, and I'm freakishly pale. That doesn't help, either.

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