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When I was a kid, I loved this book where one character had a bunch of different hats and kept asking the second character whether he liked that particular hat. The second character hated all the hats until the last one, which was a party hat.

I have googled everything I can think of and I can't find that book. Anyone know what it is?

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Is that the one where they hats were all stacked up on his head????

Yes, that's it! What is that book???

Sorry I tried but I just can't figure it out :( Hopefully someone else can?

Go Dog Go.

Which I've only read a bazillion gazillion times, but it's all worth it, now, because I can answer your question. :)

YIPPEE MIR! And thank you!

Moms rock.

It's a good thing Mir got it, because all I could think of was Caps for Sale, which my brother loooved when he was little. There was this guy, with caps for sale, and he carried them *all* on his head. And that is all I remember.

Go Dog Go is the BEST BOOK EVER. :)

I know that one! But someone already told you, it's Go Dog Go. You know what? I don't even *like* the party hat. The other ones are better.

Do you like my hat?

Can I ask, if it's about hats and whatnot, why it's called Go Dog Go? Just wondering.

I'v always believed that there was a special place in hell for the author of that book, but Like Mir, it would have been worth it if at the end I could have answered your question. But alas, I did not get that opportunity. I will have to console myself with the memory of the brief three days for which, "Now it is day! It's time for all dogs to get up! Go dogs, go!" effectively got my children out of their beds.

Go Dog Go... Huh. I would have guessed The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, which was one of my personal faves. Except it was the king, and he hated all of Bartholomew's hats...

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