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I don't know why, but

My husband looks terribly cute in jeans with no socks.

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Your husband seems to be making a lot of good decisions regarding footwear lately. Perhaps his little piggies are trying to impress?

(And the jeans/barefoot look is just about one of the best, I think.)

Isn't that sort of a universal thing? Because barefeet in jeans is how I like my men. Oh, I also like them single and employed, just so we can keep tabs on that sort of thing.

I like my husband in socks with no jeans....

just kidding. (not really.)

Oh my, the jeans with no socks/shoes thing is the best. Throw a plain t-shirt on top and I'm a happy girl.

hmmm.. Nope, its not working me. Mike has way too much hair on his toes.

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