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It's a party hat!

Do you like my hat?

I made it myself.

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an ice fishing party???...just kidding

All by yourself? Or did you use a pattern? Not that it matters. I think you're pretty darn talented for figuring out how to knit at all. I tried once and failed miserably. Go you!

Woo! Party hat! Are we partying in the ghetto? Hee.

Seriously, though, it's an awesome hat. The one I made, that I was hoping to wear all summer? Is too small for my giant melon, so I need to rip it out and reknit it. Which I totally haven't yet, for I am laaaazy.

Clever hat. I wish I was crafty. (I also wish I hadn't read those comments; now I have "Par-ty in theee ghe-tto" stuck in my head.)

Love it! I need to make myself a hat. But first, I need to finish the scarf I'm working on.

GORGEOUS! I'm trying to make my very own socks. It's not working well though, sad to say. You give me something to look up too! :) lol Nice hat indeed!

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