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Just one of the reasons work is chapping my ass today

I just got this email:

Dear Beth,

Remember that email I sent you a month ago where I asked you to do that thing? Well, it appears that you have only done exactly what I asked you to do, and not the secret extra task that I communicated to you psychically. I don't understand how you could have so blatantly failed to perform this secret extra task that I never mentioned to you, nor even hinted at.

Random Bitch

Dear Random Bitch,

Bite me.


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love it...absolutly love tell her Beth!

Isn't it funny how short & simple can say so much? Have a great weekend NOT at work!

Sounds like you're out of office chappy at just the wrong time. Also? Random Bitch is a slut, too. I heard she got knocked up by the Sparkletts guy and then told Henry in HR that the kid was his. What a whore.

You forgot "buttmuncher."

Also, GAH. I feel your pain.

Need some chapstick?



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