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Maybe this is why people think we're weird

So, this is an honest to goodness IM conversation I just had with my husband. It may help to know that Callie is our cat and that we have these kinds of conversations all the time.

Hubby: you have power point on your computer?
Beth: yes
Beth: ok
Hubby: ok
Beth: why?
Hubby: ok
Hubby: :-)
Beth: ok
Beth: why?
Hubby: I might have to work on a presentation this weekend and our machine? not so much with the power point
Beth: ok
Beth: I have visio too
Beth: because I am cool
Beth: you can do a gant chart
Beth: for your presentation
Hubby: woohoo!! although I really don't need visio
Beth: gant charts are very impressive
Hubby: do you know who developed the gant chart?
Beth: callie?
Hubby: Mr. Gant
Beth: I thought it was callie
Beth: at least., that's what she told me
Hubby: nope...callie invented the pie chart
Beth: oh
Beth: I see
Beth: but not nice of mr gant to steel callie's idea
Hubby: well, her pie chart is much more widely used
Beth: that's true
Beth: but not as impressive

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You guys are fun! Now I want to trade Mike in for the model you bought.

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