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My title

As I think I have mentioned, I recently changed jobs. Part of this change is that I now have no freaking idea what my title is. My previous title (according to my latest business cards which came in a box of 500 and of which I have 498 left because other than my mother nobody wants my business card) was Senior Program Manager. That doesn't really apply anymore. I just received an email where someone referred to me as a Senior Staff Splcialist. I love it!

Hi, my name is Beth and I will be your Senior Staff Splcialist today. If you have anything that needs Slpcialing you just let me know and I will Splcial it before you can say Lickety Splc!

I really need to get out of here. Also wine.

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You and my neighbor should go into business together. Her first batch of business cards said "Finnancial Advisor"

She cares so much about your money she forgets how to spell her own title.

My last job title had "Specialist" in it. I felt so special. Actually, it was good--that was the highest category in that department so I had a window cubicle, woo-hoo!

Now I'm a domestic specialist, I suppose (a SAHM). The pay sucks in comparison but the benefits are awesome. :)

Nobody wants my (ugly, copper colored) business cards either, so I get rid of them by entering every free lunch/happy hour drawing I come across.

So what does a Senior Staff Specialist do all day anyway????

I think I could probably Slpcial things, too. I want cards. And a badge!

It's hard to feel important when they spell your name's DebbY, not DebbIE!

when i first started my job I was Communications Assistant, now is Communications Associate. Apparently this drastic change was very confusing for some people. My old boss, when introducing me to people, never ever got it right, but she always made it better: Assistant Communications Director. Sounded great to me!

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