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Never a fashion cop around when you need one

People. You know that white sweater I have? The one with the embroidery on the collar? The one I wear all the time? Why didn't you ever tell me that it's completely see-through? Not see-through in a "Look at that hot mama" kind of way, oh no, see through in a "Look, you can see her flabby belly" kind of way. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go do a million sit-ups and then hide under a rock.

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Hey now, none of that!!!

Of course I don't know about the shirt you are talking about. But that's beside the point. I've seen pics of you on Mr. Beth's site...and you ain't got a thing to worry about girl.

I recently had a similar revelation. But with a skirt. Totally see-through. In a slutty, dirty girl kind of way. Had I known my thighs would be outlined for the world? I would have done SOMETHING!

Flabby is totally in. It's the new botox.

We actually used to have "fashion police" in our office. Or so we called them.

After the dress code changed and we hired a lot more youngish people, we needed them back, believe me. When did it become ok to wear the same outfit you wore clubbing on Saturday night?? Sheesh, I'm turning into an old fogey.

doesn't it just stink to high heaven when you have a piece of clothing you love...and you realize that somehow it just doesn't look quite right...but only after you have worn it about 3 million times

You know what I do? I put on a shirt and bra, look in my mirrors, say, "OK," then get to the harsh flourescent light of work and realize that the pink shirt I have on? Is not *quite* dark enough to cover the teal bra I am wearing, contrary to my belief. Such a lovely look for the young professional.

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