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Nothing. Oh, wait! Nope, false alarm, still nothing.

I've got nothing today people, just nothing. So let's see. here's some boring stuff.

I, Robot is a pretty good movie. King Arthur is a really bad movie. People should not answer their cell phones in the movie theater. No, seriously.

I think I saw John Ashcroft in the parking lot at Giant yesterday. I had tomatoes in my bag and didn't throw even one at him, mainly because I was not positive it was Ashcroft. We were in line behind Dick Gephardt at Safeway once. He was buying lots of newspapers and had no eyebrows. Also one time we had dinner in the same restaurant as the first President Bush and another time I saw Queen Noor in J.C. Penney.

I saw Telly Savalas in LA. He was sitting near the pool playing cards. No lollipop. That was the same time I met and started flirting with a guy from Scotland. He wasn't very cute but I had been stuck with my family for a week and was very very bored so I did it. I think he was a couple years younger than me too. But his parents were really rich, I do have standards.

This is a gorgeous hotel. Gor. Geous. Waaant.

My car was recalled and I had it fixed this weekend. Apparently, they had cleverly wired the driver's side airbag so that if you were in a crash it would blow up really fast and kill you. Saves you from drawn-out pain and suffering and also allows the rescue crews to take their time getting to you. Quite convenient really.

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We saw "I, Robot" as well. MrZ said "That CGI was AWESOME!" and my first thought was: "What CGI?". Heh. I guess that just supports his point.

Are you going to that hotel? Do it!

Wasn't that nice of the car manufacturer to design it that way? At least they told you of the flaw, my God.

you have to love a car manufacturer that thinks enough of its drivers to actually put them out of their misury instead of trying to save their lives...nice

Just be glad you weren't one of the people who discovered how bad that airbag was.

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