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Whoops. Looks like I have been outed.

If anyone is curious about my rock star hubby, you can find him here.

You can also find lots of pictures of me there, and I just want to go on the record as saying that I am much cuter than that. I am not photogenic. (But vain? Oh my yes.)

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This is the second time today, I've been directed to his blog! lol I loved the Hygenist story and all the great pics! You guys are cute! Have a great weekend!

I was so curious once you said that your hubby had a blog also.....damn now I don't get to play nancy drew anymore...oh well....:)

Oh good. I've been holding the secret in since I stumbled upon it!

Oh, it was a secret? Because I have totally felt like a moron all day since Oliquig mentioned it....

You are much more photogenic than I am! You two make a great pair 'o bloggers.


p.s. My title is interesting too: MRAM

Mentor Resource and Multimedia Specialist


Let me be the first to say: oh, for shame! 10 years worth of laundry absolutely entitles you to Daily Read status.

does it count that you are one of my daily reads???.....and you don't even have to do any laundry...heheehe

Yay, Mrs. Cactus! This is so very exciting, as I feel like I'm meeting Someone Important or something. And also because you are just as witty and funny and rock star-ish as the Mr.

Also, you're not on his daily reads? Good Lord, we're going to have to speak to him about that.

Hey , if I am folding anybody's underwear, I HAD BETTER be on their Daily Reads...

HA! I've been here before but didn't know Chris was your husband. My husband doesn't read my blog daily either. Only he doesn't have a blog so there's no blog roll for me not to be on.

Who the hell is Chris? Heh, just joshin'. I'm glad you've been outed. Another great read! It's like a brand new toy for me! Woohoo!

Well, welcome to your new status of being outed. I enjoy BOTH of you now and look forward to reading more. And yes - 10 years of laundry should put you on Daily Read status. However, for the 10 years of laundry, you should have a league of your own then .....

Man, he'd better add you to his daily reads ;-)

Hey-- I'm glad you're outed I had JUST sent an e-mail to your husband on the pic he posted with the refugee child on how go-go-gorgeous you are-- he didn't TELL you? Hmmm. Anyway, now I can just skip him altogether and come straight to the source. (just kidding, I'm sure I'l stop by his place again, too-- like when you're on sabbatical, etc).

Welcome. :)

Is it really wrong of me to feel slightly jealous and possesive of you?
I hadn't counted on sharing you somehow...

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