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Point and laugh, point and laugh

I have hardly humiliated myself at all today, which must mean that it is time for another edition of Bad High School Poetry. Hold on folks, this could get really bad.

Golden (10/27/91)

Come back my Golden
little-girl god
Come back with your simple face
And shining hair
Come see
your flaxen-haired
golden child
Come back to your brown eyed girl
ride straight up from the road to Hell
to the little girl who remembers
riding behind you
with her hands barely meeting
around your waist
hear her delighted terror screams
Come back to her worshipping eyes
Come tell her it wasn't your
give her a lie to believe
her yellow hair turned brown
one august morning

when I saw my golden muse
was gilded

But wait! There's more! Keep going, if you dare...


I want to tell you, darling,

Letting you walk away was an
Outstanding effort of self-control. My heart
Vaulted into my throat, and my soul tore with
Every step you took out of my life.

You are still my only desire, and every day I spend without your
Open arms to keep me warm turns my life
Upside-down and leaves me huddled alone in the cold, angry world.


With a roar of engines
and a cloud of gas fumes
a huge metal bird
took off into the early morning humidity
over Washington
vanquishing Newton.
I cried then
because it seemed to be the
thing to do
and because I hoped the tears would fill
the hollow under my ribs.
This time is only a
fraction of forever,
but it has taught me that
this moment is always an

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I love the second one.


And you don't do the thursday haiku smackdown because????? gots the mad poetry skills...:)

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