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Something to ponder

If they had conjoined twins on Celebrity Poker Showdown, would the play one hand or two?

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I assume two...unless they they share a brain then it would be kinda hard for them to work against each other...and wouldn't that be considered cheating?

Yeah, I was going to say that it would depend on where they were joined. One brain, obviously they can only play one hand. But I think that if there are two brains, you'd still have to have each with two hands, or how else would they hold their cards? And how could you keep your twin from cheating and looking at your cards. Hmmm.... it would be complicated.

I say it depends on how many arms they have. One hand for every two arms. Two or three arms? One hand! Four arms? Two hands! Basic math.

Hiya, don't care about the twins. Have a technical query. Am trying to master RSS with the help of messrs bloglines. Why have you not got same or have you got it and I can't find it ? Latter v. possible as my technical ineptitude level is high. Thank you from a technically inept waffle.

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