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Three good things about today, one bad and one ugly

The Good
- It is an absolutely gorgeous morning. Gor. Geous.
- I am having lunch today with one of my bestest, bestest friends, the Muffin Man.
- I am taking tomorrow off - No Work Friday!

The Bad
- I ran out of chocolate soy protein powder to make my scrummy (not) chocolate soy milk and protein powder breakfast and had to use the "natural" soy protein powder instead. "Natural" soy protein powder tastes like ass.

The Ugly
- I meant to get my toes painted yesterday, I really did. But I did not. And they look really bad. And I wore open-toed shoes today anyway. I have no shame I tell you, no shame.

Comments (5)

Oh, I have done that, with the naked toenails and the open toed shoes. I figure since I work with tech geeks and all guys, none of them care. Last week, though, it got the best of me so I painted my toenails as soon as I got out of the shower, then proceeded to walk around on my heels while they dried while I had breakfast so I wouldn't get cat hair in them (I really, *really* need to vacuum).

Also, protein powder? Ew. It all strikes me as being assy, but I have only had the vanilla. And it smelled funny.

I'm right there with you, on the tacky nails no-shame train. But Huzzah! for no work on Friday!

Hey, as long as your toes don't hang off the end of you'r shoes, anyone who notices should be thankful! W00t, for no work fridays! Wish I didn't have to! =/

Oh, to have no work tomorrow... I am GREEN with envy. Also-- my toes may be painted, but somehow I came to work looking like Ellie May Clampett so its just as bad. But worse!

aren't no work fridays the best!! for the no painted toes... right now not only are my toes not painted...they are not naked either...I'm still holding on to the last rimnates of my last polish....super uber-tacky...hehehe

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