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Today's Helpful Hint

No matter how late you are for work, do not try to sew your pants while you are wearing them. If you cannot make the needed repair with a safety pin or masking tape, you may have to break down and wear different pants. And don't give me any lip about wanting to wear those particular pants because we all know that you have 15 nearly identical pairs of black pants hanging in your closet and at least a third of them do not make your ass look huge. I also don't want to hear any whining about having to change your shoes, since we all also know that you own more shoes than some entire countries. Also your boss is 4 states and one time zone away so will not even notice if you are 15 minutes late so would you just get over yourself and change your stupid pants already!

"Today's Helpful Hint" brought to you by Beth the Happy Homemaker who is Still Bleeding From Where She Stuck Herself With That Fricking Needle.

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Thanks Martha!

Slackjam (slak' jam) - n. The condition of being trapped in one's own trousers while trying to pull them on without first removing shoes.

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