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Two things guaranteed to cure what ails ya'

A sweet husband.

Strawberry pajamas.

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Getting up off my a*ss!

Strawberry pajamas? I am officially jealous. I have plaid and polar bear and rubber duckie pajamas, but no fruit-themed ones.

Also, comfy pajamas will cure anything. 'Tis why I love them so. Ken has told me I am not allowed to buy anymore, because I have more than I ever wear.

Silly boy. He just does not get it.

Yeah, I have Christmas light pajamas but strawberries would kick ass. Hope you are feeling better.

Hope you get better soon. Nice long baths help distract you from what ails ya' too. I like buying pj's too even if hubby doesn't like my choice.

Oh. I love your jammies. Where did you get them? I want some.

I too am loving the jammies.

Hold on just a minute! --- How do you know that HE really sent those flowers? We all took up a collection and had them sent ... he should be ashamed of himself... :-) Get well soon!

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