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Who let that woman into the kitchen?

Since making homemade pasta, ravioli filling and sauce is such a pain, I decided I should at least get a photo essay out of it. So here are your illustrated step-by-step instructions for Ravioli a la Beth.

After mixing the dough and letting it set for 2 hours, it is time to roll the dough.

Then you have to fill the ravioli.

And then cut it, of course.

And finally, you cook.

The finished product.

The sad part is that after all this work, it tasted pretty bad. The hubby only managed about three bites before he resorted to pushing the food around his plate and hoping it would look like he was eating. But hey, do I look like Martha Stewart?

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Can I come over for dinner? Please? I'll bring wine...

but made the effort...the most i'm willing to do is get the can opener for D so he can get into that can of Chef Boyrdee

At least it looks yummy...


It looks good though, you should have lied and we'd have never known the difference.

*new comer*

where can I get my mom one of those aprons?

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