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I'm waaaay too tired to write anything. How tired am I? I'll give you a class-participation demonstration. Ready? Ok - first step is to sort of pooch your lips out like you just got a triple dose of botox. Got it? Good. Now, take your index finger and stick it sideways between your lips. Perfect. And for the final step, move your finger up and down and say it with me: "Hbub-badub-badub-badub." That's it! That's how tired I am. Zzzzzzzz.

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I'd participate, but holding my finger up and moving it requires far too much movement at this point. Instead, I shall simply stare blankly ahead and think really really hard about it. Except for the part where my brain is not so much down with the thinky. Doh.

Naptime? Please? (On that note, why is it I never appreciated naptime when I had it? And why can't I have it now?)

i have to agree with dawnie...naptime should be reserved for us in our adult life, not when we're 5 years old. ugh. seems that this monday has EVERYONE downright tired and blah.

p.s. can you show me a picture of you demonstrating your "hbub-badub-badub-badub"? i'm more of a visual person =P

Time for the USA to adopt the siesta custom.

Well, I never read a description of that activity before and I've gotta say - you nailed it! Fine job!

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