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A Delivery! Yeah, that's it!

I'm working from home today because, um, we have a delivery coming, or something? And, uh, my husband was supposed to stay home? But at the last minute? He found out he had a meeting? Or something? So he had to, uh, go to work? Yeah, that's right. That's exactly what happened.

The fact that it is gorgeous and sunny and 68 degrees and I am using the new wireless network to work on the deck has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that this very important delivery is happening today. Nope, total coincidence.

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Obviously! But coincidences that work in your favor are perfect! Even though they're still coincidences.

What a lucky coincidence! But is 68 degrees really warm enough? Or is that just my southern california talking? Have a great day in the sun!!


Enjoy your day -- it's rocking here in Chicago -- beautiful -- and the weekend will be PURRFECT!...

It's gorgeous here to and my husband just sent me an email saying he's leaving early. And we have NO packages being deliverd. Humph.

I believe you. ;)

the beauty is spread out all over America, it seems - it's just lovely here and I wish that I could work outside! Or take a nap in the sun! Enjoy your day!

Man, I wish I had the option of working from home when deliveries come, because I HATE waiting for the redelivery. Once I know a package has come once, waiting for it to come again practically kills me!

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