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A rose is a rose is a rose

I almost forgot! As we were leaving for lunch last Friday, these arrived.

For those of you playing along at home, that's four dozen. Now, I'll bet that half of you are thinking that my husband is very sweet and the other half of you are thinking he must have done something pretty bad to be so far in the doghouse that it took four dozen roses to get out of it. Well, at least half of you are right.

They were beautiful and made the whole house smell wonderful. Thanks, honey.

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WOW!! That's beautiful!
I my quasi-hippy-wannabe-grunge/punk days of the early 90's I told my hubby that I though fresh cut flowers were cruel and wasteful. And that I didn't like them at all.
I got over that...but apparently he hasn't noticed. whoa is me.
But yay you!

those are beautiful. i will pretend that i also got flowers, because after the past few (awful) days, it will make me feel better.


I'm going to pretend the screen is scratch and sniff, mkay? Purty.

simply put, thank you. it meant a lot :)

WOW!....I never gotten anything so near as nice....lucky lucky turn to be envious

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