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A waste of some perfectly good righteous indignation

Yesterday, we received our phone bill, which was twice as much as it usually is. Turns out, the fuckwits at the phone company had not posted our payment from last month so were charging us for that and for a late fee. Now I pay the bills at our house and I am an uptight, overbearing freak about it. I pay all bills. On time. Every time. I take it very personally when some faceless monopolistic soulless corporation accuses me of not paying my bills. I am an upstanding, rule-following, bill-paying citizen. I am so protective of my credit rating you would think it was my child. (It pisses me right the hell off that my husband has a better credit score than I do, when if left to his own devices he would have eleventy billion cds and no electricity.) Anyway, I was furious. I was irate. I was incensed, splenetic, exacerbated and pissed.

I didn't pay the phone bill last month. I mean, I meant to pay it. Apparently I sent the phone bill money to the high speed internet people and then just called it a day. Maybe this is a little sign from the universe to me that I need to, you know, relax or something?

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tsk tsk
you are SO going to hell now.

I'm the same way with bills and my husband's the same way with CD's.

Even we perfect gals make mistakes sometimes, ya know.

I bet your high speed people were thrilled. = )

i'm more in the cd camp, but i wish i was in yours.

I am a dork when it comes to money! I so admire your tenacity! Maybe you will rub off on me! : ) But I have lots of CD's and DVD's! : )

Heehee. Oops.

However, I'm very impressed by your vocabulary. As well as your Bill Paying Skillz. When they work, that is :-)

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