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Am I evil?

In my previous job, I supported a bunch of people using a certain application. That wasn't actually my job, I just did it out of the kindness of my heart. I got the same questions all the time, so I sent out a Frequently Asked Questions document with the answers to the most common questions. People still stopped by my office all day long to ask me the same questions. So, I printed out a stack of the FAQs and left them on the corner of my desk. When someone came by to ask me one of those questions I would grab a copy of the FAQ, highlight the relevant section, and hand it to them. Without saying a word. Is that, like, totally undeniably, unforgivably bitchy, or just a handy time saver for me?

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That is not bitchy at all.

One thing I have learned working here is that no matter how clear the instructions are people are generally too lazy to read them.

If you give them the answers like that they will eventually move beyond the answers on the sheet and create all new problems and questions!

I think it's pretty efficient of you.

handy time saver. We all need those.

Was bitchy time saver an option?

You are hilarious.

hahahaaaa...ha...ha....*singsongy*... Beth's evil and I always knew I have proof.....( I only say this with the deepest love and respect)...welcome to the club!

Both. And that's ok.

Is there anything wrong with being evil once in a while?

I think it's brilliant.

Bitchy? NO! Smart? Yes. Tired of idiots asking the same damn questions over and over and over and over and..well, you get the point. And I'll bet they were basic questions to begin with. I have the whole idiot factor that comes with some normally intelligent people. What is it about a computer program that can turn an otherwise brilliant individual into a blithering idiot?

Handy time saver!

Evil?? Never ever ever ever ever. there is no way that's evil. It's efficient. Hell I'd do the same thing. And I don't know anyone else who wouldn't.

All of the above. But great.

hi, i'm archiving it today. it was bitchy, but in the awesome, they-totally-deserved-it-because-they're-idiots kind of way, and boy howdy do i love that kind of bitchiness.

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