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Because I can

I was planning to think of something witty and clever to say, but have decided that's too much effort and this is my website so if I want to just put up a picture of my cat for no reason whatsoever I can do it. So there. I was also going to think up some threat to use to force everybody to tell me how pretty she is, but Callie is secure enough that she doesn't need to fish for compliments. So there. Again.

Ta da!


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She is cute for sure. Although funny because her coloring makes her have a little bit of a Hitlerish mustache. At least in that pic. Pretty eyes though...

I want a cat

between you and Martha, I will have a kitten by the end of Sunday. She's so pretty! But she looks faintly pissed. You're pretty, Callie, I know you want to hear it! You're pretty even with a Hitler mustache.

She reminds me of the cat on the simpsons. You offence eh?

So pretty. I am all about pictures of the cats. But I am also a crazy cat lady.

She looks like she could be related to my Isabelle, who is also white and gray and dainty.

I doubt that your kitty cares that she's got a Hitlerish mustache. I'm sure she's thinking, "I bet ya'll wish you could be me. I get to sleep and eat and I don't have to pay rent. Envy me everyone!"

She is incredibly cute, and by the "oh, they're sticking that light flashing thing in my face again" look in her eye, she knows it.

For some reason, though, the picture of the cat comes across as both witty and clever (and slightly evil).


Hehehe. My cats sit like that all the time, and that joke never gets old at our house. Yeah - we're kinda weird.

My kitty has a mustache too! His is orange though and not so hitler-esque. My kitty's is more Yosemity Sam like. When cats lay like that, my god-father calls it meat loafing. Now you will too!

I think I'm scared of your cat.

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