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Consider me Interviewed

I have many shortcomings. In fact, I have so many that I am considering making a list and using that as my "100 Things." I think that would be rip-snortingly funny, but I'm afraid that nobody else would see the humor. Um, where was I? Oh yes, I have many shortcomings, but when it comes to interviewing I rock the casbah.

I had an interview this morning. They loved me. I was impressive and erudite and clever. I bantered! Wittily! I gave concrete examples to demonstrate my skills and experience, and some of them were even true. I was smart. My god, after 4 months of turning my brain into mush by staring at spreadsheets I had totally forgotten that I was smart! I even flashed a little leg just to make up for the fact that my face looked like it had spent the weekend as a doormat. I can do this! I am not going to die sad and alone and under-employed! It was a deeply moving experience.

Sadly, I am not at all qualified for the position. Oh well, can't have everything.

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With your interviewing skills, though, you probably could have passed it off like you were qualified. Did you? Or were you, you know, honest?

And that's all on 20 minutes sleep? Fully rested, you could become the first female president or universal ruler or something.

Very impressive! You may be surprised. I've been offered the job after walking out of an interview thinking I wasn't qualified.

I'm jealous of your mad interviewing skillz. I am horrible in them. Mainly because I cry when I'm nervous... so professional!

What the hell exactly IS as casbah? I am that uncultured? Do we even have a casbah in Canada?
And yay you on your most excellent interview skills! Not a lot of people posess them!

Making a really good impression can sometimes land you the job. besides you must not have been tooo unqualified or they wouldn't have interviewed you. here's hoping!!

Sounds like an excellent showing...they may need to have you!

You should run for President. I would vote for you. I hear the pay is great and obviously the work is minimal!

Congrats on the great interview ! Send some of those mad skillz my way, would ya?

That's ok...cause you are highly qualified to be my secritary of all things fun when I become Queen of Fiji....which I'm sure is a much more fun all I have to do is get that job :B

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