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Credit where credit is due

Oh no, I am so bad! I completely forgot to credit Samantha for the brilliant and winning Pretend Celebrity Boyfriend recommendation. I would also like to recognize Heather for seconding the nomination and helping to build Clive's credibility as a serious candidate. Thanks ladies! As your reward, you can have him just as soon as I'm done.

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I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Beth, I can't support your choice. I can't do it.

He may be 6'2" tall. And his chin, yeah, it's ok. But his mouth is all screwed up and... well... I think he's funny looking.

I mean, I know you've already chosen him... but there has to be a 24-hour return policy on this! Please reconsider. (My apologies to Heather and Sam also.)

I'm the winner? I WIN!!! Hooray! I knew you and Clive would hit it off. I'm sure that he is currently sending you love emails and planning a romantic dinner with expensive wine and sushi or steak or maybe both.

Jude will understand. Plus, he divorced his wife when she was going through post natal depression. You don't want a loser like that. Even if he IS cute.

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